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Energy-Efficient Windows

Energy Efficient Windows

At American Openings, Inc. our energy-efficient, double-pane windows are designed and built right here in Tucson to withstand the extreme climate of Southern Arizona. Styles include picture windows, horizontal and vertical sliding windows, combination picture/sliding windows and custom shapes. We use only high-quality components, 100% of which are made in the USA.

All of our energy-efficient, double-pane windows are specially designed by American Openings of Tucson to keep out harmful UV rays and minimize solar heat transfer. The outer pane is special Low-E glass which is tinted to let the light in, but keep heat and certain UV rays out. The two panes are separated by a highly energy-efficient, Envirosealed WindowsTM spacer to minimize heat transfer along the glass edges. We can, if specified, fill the space with an inert argon gas to further improve the heat transfer characteristics of the window.

Illustration of an Envirosealed Window spacer which reduces thermal transfer through the replacement window
An Envirosealed WindowTM spacer improves thermal properties of your replacement window

We frame our  windows with either high quality aluminum or vinyl. We offer aluminum frames in three colors: bronze, sandstone or white. Vinyl frames come in two colors: white or tan. While vinyl windows have superior thermal insulation characteristics, aluminum window frames take up less of the viewing space and have superior noise-reducing properties.

Best of all, since American Openings directly manufactures, installs and warranties our energy-efficient, double-pane windows right here in Tucson, there is no middle-man to pay. That is why we can offer very competitive pricing compared to other window  companies.

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