AMERISECURE® STC/Security Windows by American Openings

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AMERISECURE® STC/Security Windows by American Openings

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Keep your family safe with AMERISECURE® security windows and doors from American Openings. They are designed to crack, but not shatter, to help you feel more secure in your home.

AMERISECURE® is made from a polyester compound which is much stronger than laminated glass. We add the polyester layer inside the outer layer of Low-E glass to provide strength and security. AMERISECURE® security windows are therefore not susceptible to damage from scratches as are other polyester window products. AMERISECURE® security windows and doors eliminate the need for unsightly iron bars or security screens on the windows of your home. As you can see in the photo, AMERISECURE® can withstand and intruder in a way standard glass cannot. It might take an intruder up to 45 minutes to finally get through an AMERISECURE® window. With ordinary glass, he’ll be inside your home in seconds.

The extra layer also reduces outside noise. In addition to the added security, your home will be quieter and more comfortable than ever before!

Like all of our other energy-efficient windows, AMERISECURE®  security windows and doors are made right here in Tucson and designed to beat our extreme desert heat.

For more information about our AMERISECURE® windows please contact us online or call us at (520) 664-1202.