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Window Replacements – Return on Investment

It’s been said that the best way to spend extra income is to remodel your home.

This can be especially true in the Tucson area where the housing market is extremely diverse and even the smallest home improvements can land your home in a bracket of higher value.

The Most Common Home Improvements:

-Kitchen Remodel

-Bathroom Remodel

-Landscaping Investment

-Home Security (walls, fences, gates)



What’s Amiss?

Something is missing though. Can you guess what it is? Okay, so maybe you did guess it: Home Window Replacements.

However, do you know why it is that window replacements are such a valuable home investment?

It’s pretty simple actually; besides their ability to increase the aesthetic value (or rather, the curb appeal) of your home, window replacements – and especially those from American Openings – are made so they pay for themselves.

Extra Income? Always Invest!

The lesson here is that a lot of times around this time of year families are seeing income bonuses, home equity loans are coming in, and some more fortunate people are just having a general change in luck financially speaking.

Regardless of the method of obtainment, increases in income are typically spent unwisely, and frivolously. Putting a down payment on that new car because you had an extra $10,000 may seem like a fun idea now, but imagine if you could use that money as an investment and instead see even more financial gain?

That’s where home improvement comes in! Generally any home remodel or addition will increase it’s value, but not all of these improvements are meant to last a lifetime.

The great part about replacing your home windows is that they are manufactured and installed to not only save you money and pay themselves off in a reasonable time period, but they are also meant to last a lifetime. A one time upgrade for your home and you reap the benefits so long as you’re living there.

And even better – if you do decide to move elsewhere the fact that you’ve made the decision to have your home’s windows replaced with Energy Star efficient window replacements allows your home’s final purchasing value to be much more than it was and significantly outweighs the cost of the venture in the first place.

The Simple Answer

So people ask us – what’s the return on investment for your window replacements?

The real answer is that the ROI is priceless.


Call or email today, and find out what American Openings can do for your home!





2 responses to “Window Replacements – Return on Investment”

  1. Replacing the old home windows with new one makes the home energy efficient and aids in saving energy and your electricity bill.

  2. Nice blog. An energy efficient window reduces noise from the outside environments.

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