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When to Replace Windows?

You may not think about them much, but your windows are a very important part of your home. They let you see the beauty that lies outside while protecting your home from the elements. Like it or not, windows sometimes have to be replaced. If you don’t know how to tell if your windows are past their prime, the following are a few gauges you can use in order to determine if you need window replacement.


Maintaining a Comfortable Temperature

Is it difficult to maintain a constant comfortable temperature in your home? If it is, then it might be that your windows need to be replaced. During the summer time, your windows may let in outdoor heat through small cracks. Furthermore, if direct sunlight comes in through your windows, your home can be heated substantially. This can overwork your air conditioning unit and cause you to have large energy bills. Replacing your old windows with new energy efficient windows should help you maintain a comfortable temperature indoors while saving you some money on energy costs.

Are Your Windows Operable?

This can seem like a strange question, but it is important that everyone in your family is able to open and close all of the windows in your home with relative ease. If your windows are extremely difficult to open or fail to stay up after you open them, then it is definitely time to replace them. Faulty windows are a serious safety hazard. In case of a fire it may be necessary for your family to escape through your windows. If you or your children cannot open your windows during a fire it can bring devastating consequences. When you are shopping for new windows, bring everyone in the family along and test that everyone can easily open and close them.

Other Window Issues

There are countless other issues that can warrant you replacing your window. For example, if your windows fog, this is a sign that the glass in your windows is not good anymore. Also, if your windows have rot on them, you should replace them immediately. Rot attracts nasty critters such as termites that can not only further damage your windows but also damage the healthy wood in your home.

Look for these and other issues in the windows you have in your home today. If you encounter one of these problems, it is a safe bet that your windows need to be upgraded. Doing so will make your home more energy efficient and potentially safer for your family.

2 responses to “When to Replace Windows?”

  1. Leslie Porter says:

    These insights are absolutely great. It is indeed very important to know when exactly one should have windows replaced in order to avoid hassles. Replacement windows give a lot of advantages and benefits. Aside from giving the beauty and style every home owner wants, this is the best method for energy conservation. In short, replacement windows are good investment, thus, saving a lot of money with energy consumption.

  2. Raven@amext says:

    This is great information for homeowners who are wondering when it’s time to replace their old windows. Many times windows don’t even need to be old to be losing energy for the home. Builder grade windows are not nearly as energy efficient as non builder grade windows.

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