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What to Expect With American Openings Windows

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Choosing the right window manufacturer and installer can be a scary thing if you’re not sure what to expect from a quality window company versus a bad company.

One of the major differences is that most window companies–much unlike American Openings–order your window replacements from a main distributor.

At American Openings you get your windows manufactured locally by professionals who know, and live in, the environment they are meant for. Most homeowners aren’t aware that dual pane windows are actually more efficient than triple-pane windows in a climate like Tucson’s.

Here are a few things you can expect for a quality window company like American Openings:

– Functionality

Your window replacements should be modern, energy efficient, and as functional as your space requires.

– Updated Hardware

Tied with functionality, your window hardware should be up-to-date and blend with the aesthetics of your window.

 – Energy Star Certified

The Energy Star qualification for home window replacements demands that your Tucson or Phoenix windows are superior in grade to what is already considered “energy efficient”.

– Low-E Coated (+ Gas Filled)

The Low-E coatings and argon, or kypton, gas fillings we provide offer you minimal UV penetration and heat transfer – all without sacrificing quality visible light exposure or balanced insulation.

– Exact Fit

Your windows are manufactured in a local facility allowing them to be made to fit perfectly. Prior to your window installation we’ll come and evaluate your opening(s) to give you the best options for your home or business.

You should also come to expect a clean installation with no stucco, paint, or dry-wall repair.

– Honesty & Quality

What this one really equates to is affordable pricing. With our expertise and honesty, you get the best window replacement(s) for your Tucson-area home or business, and at a cost that belies the overall quality of the experience and product.

– Check the BBB Rating

For anything related to home improvement you should always be checking the BBB Rating of the companies and contractors you are doing business with. After all, this is your property value we’re talking about.

Feel free to view our BBB Rating of A+!

For more ideas of what to look for in a quality window replacement company you can read through some of our older blog posts which go into more detail about the specifics of a top-notch window replacement as well as what the many benefits are!



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