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7 important facts about replacement window frames

Here at American Openings, we get a lot of questions about the materials we use for our replacement window frames. We also hear a lot of misinformation. The internet has countless articles about the relative merits (or demerits) of all types of window frames. Unfortunately, not all of the information in those articles is accurate.

We’d like to do our part to help you make the best decision about energy-saving replacement windows for your home. Here are some facts about the materials we use in our home replacement window product line:

    • • Fact #1: We manufacture, install and warranty home replacement windows that we have designed for the harsh desert climate of Southern Arizona. Regardless of frame type. All of our replacement windows are built with dual-pane construction, a tinted Low-E outer glass, a clear inner glass, a thermal spacer and an argon gas insulating layer.


    • • Fact #2: We frame our replacement windows with either specially-manufactured, hi-quality, US-made, virgin PVC (vinyl) or thermal aluminum. Because we are the manufacturer and installer of all our windows, we can personally stand behind the quality of both the product and the installation. We won’t ever send you to a different company to deal with a warranty claim because we are the manufacturer. That’s why we can promise to stand behind what we sell you for as long as you own your home.


    • • Fact #3: Vinyl-frame windows are more thermally-efficient than aluminum-frame windows. But that being said, the actual energy costs associated with the two are not that far apart: approximately $10 per month for a typical Tucson home. This is because most of the surface area of the window is the dual-pane glass, not the frame. Since our glass assembly is identical whether you purchase aluminum or vinyl, you will benefit from significant energy savings no matter which frame you choose.


    • • Fact #4: Aluminum windows are stronger than vinyl, require less width to hold the glass securely and are not subject to significant thermal expansion effects.


    • • Fact #5: Both vinyl and aluminum frames require little to no regular maintenance, other than an occasional wipe or wash with soapy water.


    • • Fact #6: Both vinyl and aluminum frame windows are much more affordable than other options such as wood, fiberglass or windows clad with those materials.


      • • Fact #7: Either vinyl or aluminum are architecturally compatible with a large number of the homes in Southern Arizona.


American Openings has been in business, right here in Tucson since 1992. We have survived the booms and busts in the housing industry. When we guarantee your windows for craftsmanship, quality and integrity for as long as you own your home, it’s a pretty good bet that we are going to be here to make that promise stick.

Please call us at 520-664-1202 or email us at if you have any questions about our vinyl or aluminum framed low-E replacement windows or to schedule a free, no-pressure, in-home consultation.

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