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We’re Posting It Again: Energy Star Window Replacement Tax Credit. It’s That Good.

energy-star-logo-01Did you read about the Tax Credit you can earn in our previous posting? It was posted on the 18th of March, but we just want YOU to get a deeper understanding of how your duplex, apartment business, or family of two adults can benefit from this credit! (Look at link in the very end for other building type questions)

First of, we didn’t cover these important questions:

1) Do you own a duplex? Say you live in half of it, and rent the other half. Can you get the tax credit on your window replacement?

The obvious answer is YES! Another easy answer is you get a percentage of the credit (20%, 35%, 60%, etc.) based on the percentage of the duplex you live in. What’s not obvious is that you would share the duplex, and therefore get the percentage off your part; and as you may have already realized, if you own the whole property than you would get the full 100% of the tax credit.











2) What about an apartment building? Do you plan to make energy efficient improvements like window replacements, and wondering if their eligible for this credit?

Yes, yes, yes! The only thing is that your apartment building MUST be 3 stories! Even multi-buildings get a credit!











3) Is your family primarily based on two adults? If you said “YES” to the previous question, will you say “YES” to them wanting a window replacement tax credit, and a another “YES” to these adults living together?

If and only if each of the people are un-married, THEN each person can receive a Tax Credit! The catch is that they must own the house jointly and will get a percentage of the what part of the house they own.












Next, we want you to visit our Window Styles page (Single Hung, Horizontal Slider, Picture Windows, etc.): LOOK AT YOUR WINDOW STYLE!!!




Last thing, we used the EPA’s great site to bring you the question and answer portion above, but there’s more questions here that may cover your specific case: GO TO YOUR QUESTION!

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