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Washing Your New Home Windows

One easy way to ensure the longevity of your window replacements’ energy efficiency and aesthetic traits is to keep them clean.

That includes wiping down the window frame and the glass as well, but you should also do one more thing to make your window washing even more worthwhile.

A Friendly Tip For Window Maintenance

An unknown tip for window cleaning is to dilute your windex solution with some 70-80% rubbing alcohol. You want to make it about 1/5 to 1/4 parts alcohol to window cleaning solution.

By doing so you’re not only cleaning your window glass, but also ensuring that they are sanitized along with the frame and pane.

Dust loves to collect near and on our home windows and as it does it can bring all sorts of germs. Sanitizing the area prevents any chance of those germs spreading.

This tip also works well because a lot of people dilute their window cleaning solution in the first place with a bit of water, and rubbing alcohol actually has the same anti-streaking effect and can be substituted in this way.

Cleaning Tips

For tips on actually cleaning your windows you can refer to this older blog post of ours! It’s not a big job, but cleaning your window replacements every so often is an incredibly simple way to keep them looking good and ensure their energy efficiency.


Hopefully this tip was  helpful to you! The method described is safe to use with your low-E coatings and doesn’t damage the glass, so it’s truly useful.

If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you!

3 responses to “Washing Your New Home Windows”

  1. Washing your windows not only helps to keep your home clean but also increases the life time of the windows.

  2. Nice blog.Cleaning of windows helps you to increase comfort level at your home. And it also helps to make our home very clean and neat.

  3. Raven@amext says:

    This is so important for homeowners to know! Keeping your windows clean adds life to the windows and keeps them looking new longer!

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