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Window Replacement – When?

Window replacement in Tucson, is something you should have to do only once or twice in a lifetime, but when?

There are several signs you can look for which indicate that it’s time for new windows. Most of these signs also indicate major gaps in your home’s energy efficiency, which is why when you do decide it’s time to replace your windows, you need a company like American Openings to provide you with long lasting, energy efficient windows manufactured specifically for Arizona environments.


Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Tucson or Phoenix Windows:

Damaged Glass

If your window glass panes are cracked, large or small, it’s most likely preventing your home from properly regulating heat transfer from outdoors.

If there are any visible cracks, even hairline ones around the edges – are they letting daylight slip through? If you can see brighter light reflecting through the cracks, it’s time for replacements.



Are your windows easily susceptible to condensation? Do they get a lot of frost build up in the winter when not even your car windshield is being frosted over?

These are good signs you might need window replacement. There are a few more checks to do though.

Can you spot the condensation or moisture in between the window’s panes, or water stains building up in between the panes?

These are indicators that your window seal is broken and typically a replacement is the solution.


Broken Parts or Seals

As we said, broken seals generally mean a replacement is necessary, but so do broken parts and other components.

If your windows aren’t opening easily there’s a chance the seal is dried out, or the mechanisms are losing their integrity, and the sticking you get when try to open it is only damaging it further.

Also, if you see cracks or rotting in the actual window frame, there are no other questions to ask – you need to replace it.


Hot or Cold Glass

If you touch the glass in the summer and it’s considerably hot, or in the winter and it’s bitter cold, your windows aren’t providing your home with optimal energy efficiency.

A Low-E coated, Energy Star® qualified window will feel about room temperature at all times, even on the hottest days in Tucson.

In addition, if sitting next to your window feels more like you’re outside than inside (whether that means it’s unbearably hot or shivering cold), then it’s definitely time for replacements, as your windows aren’t doing much more than keeping bugs out at that point.


Unsightly Appearance

This one hasn’t anything to do with functionality so much as aesthetics. If you simply hate the look of your windows or window frames, or they appear to be weathered and old, you can increase your home’s curb appeal greatly with all new window replacements.

With no stucco or repair needed when installing windows from American Openings, you’re sure to end up with a beautiful touch to your home without the hassle of touching up the areas around your windows as well.

Of course, there are a few other obvious signs you may need to replace your windows, but if you look through this list and spot any similarities be sure to contact American Openings for a consultation and we’ll be glad to help you save money, and time, with our excellent service!

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