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Double Pane Window Replacements for the Tucson Area

When you think replacement windows in Tucson, think double pane. Window replacements in this day and age should really be nothing less.


Why Though?

Single pane windows seems to hold up just as well as double, and they cost less, so why is it that any window manufacturer you go to in Tucson tells you, “you need double pane windows with Low-E glass”?

There’s good reasoning behind this almost blatant disregard for any type of single pane window: energy efficiency. Single pane windows simply cannot compete when it comes to energy efficiency.

The way double pane windows are constructed gives them a thicker, more insulated frame along with a gas filling between the two panes to further reduce solar heat transfer.

The problem with single pane windows in Tucson homes is that they lack UV protection and insulation. Also, though they can be Low-E coated, single pane windows can only ever reach a level of energy efficiency that is extremely distant from that of the highest quality Energy Star rated window replacements.


How Much Better Are Dual Pane Windows?

Far better. The difference is more than noticeable when it comes to your monthly energy bills.

To put it into perspective, more often than not we recommend Tucson-area homeowners replace their double pane windows with our Low-E coated, Energy Star® qualified double panes because the difference in energy costs is still well worth it.


Why Is Energy Star A Must?

Energy Star wants you to know that they don’t just partner with anyone or stick their label on any old window replacement. That’s why they vow to only put their label on products that are guaranteed to save you enough money to justify any extra costs you may be incurring as a result of choosing an Energy Star® qualified product.

At you can find Annual City Savings Estimates. As you can see, the estimates they provide indicate that replacing single pane windows in Tucson with windows like those that American Openings offers will save you around $300 every year – and that’s PER window.

If you’re not a believer by now, you should search for some testimonials of how well Energy Star labeled products perform and the amount of money they can save you in the long run. This is truly significant when you consider that American Openings’ windows are built to last a lifetime. In fact, we warranty our windows for as long as you own your home.

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  1. Simply by cleaning your double glazed windows you can help to extend their life and save on having replacement windows fitted. By regularly vacuuming the frames, openings, screens and seals you can avoid dirt building up and discolouring or damaging your windows. Regular vacuuming can save time too as it will mean you’ll need to use soap and water less often to clean your windows.

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