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Tips for Buying Energy-Efficient Windows

Buying replacement windows gives you an ideal opportunity to significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home. If you are ready to update your windows, use these tips to find a style that will reduce your home’s monthly energy costs as well as its carbon footprint.

Think About the Window Placement

Windows that face the rising or setting sun will need extra consideration. To do this, learn the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient of the windows you are considering- the lower, the better. Consider choosing dual-glazed windows that are designed to transfer a low amount of solar heat.

Choose Low-E Glass

Windows with low-e glass have a special tint that let natural light in but block out UV rays and solar heat transfer. This glass is specially designed to keep the interior of your home comfortable without hindering your ability to enjoy natural light as a part of your decor. The addition ofinert argon gas placed in between the window planes minimizes convective heat transfer through the window assembly. All of these factors combine to create replacement windows that offer optimal energy efficiency for your home.

Find the Right Frame

You can find aluminum and vinyl frames that complement the exterior of your home. American Openings aluminum frames are available in bronze, sandstone, and white. Vinyl frames are available in either white or tan. Vinyl windows are known for their optimimum thermal insulation characteristics. Aluminum frames can maximize the view you can experience when looking through your windows, and are less prone to thermal expansions or contraction.  Choose the style and color that will do the most for your home. Our in-home consultant will be happy to help you find the best choice for your home during our free, no-pressure consultation.

American Openings, Inc. manufactures and installs high quality replacement windows and doors that offer extreme energy efficiency. Our products also come with  a warranty that guarantee their craftsmanship and quality. To learn more about our products or to arrange for a free, no-pressure in home-consultation, for your replacement windows,  contact us online or call (520) 664-1202.

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