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The High Cost of Old Windows

We’ve all had those moments when we open our electric or gas bill followed by clutching our chests in horror at the number staring back at us. Determined not to be beat by the rising costs of energy, we unplug all unnecessary electronics, tape down the light switches, and start living by candlelight. Okay, maybe not…but it sure can feel that way at times.

The real frustration comes when you’ve done everything you can think of to lower your energy usage, but for some reason the reduction in your energy bills isn’t nearly as significant as you had hoped for. In cases like these, maybe the problem doesn’t stem from the kids leaving the kitchen light on, but rather from the windows and doors in your home no longer doing their job.

What’s Really To Blame?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, inefficient or leaky windows and doors account for over 25% of the average households energy bills. Did you know that you cut your energy costs by 15% just by replacing your old windows with more energy efficient windows?

Many manufacturers recommend that windows be replaced after 20 years or so. If you live in Arizona, you also know how unforgiving the weather can be on houses, cars, and just about everything else. So when looking for replacement windows in the greater Tucson area, you want to make sure that they are built to last.

At American Openings, we know how important high-quality windows are to an energy-efficient home, especially in the brutal heat of the Tucson area. This is why we ensure that our vinyl replacement windows have high Energy Star ratings, and that we utilize high performance, Low-E windows.

Not only does our American Openings warranty mean that our windows can stand up to a lifetime of harsh Tucson-area weather, but our Low-E windows feature a thin film applied to each side of your window’s glass in order to block out ultraviolet light waves while still allowing visible light waves to enter the home. This means the window gives you get all the light you need, but doesn’t allow the full intense heat of the Arizona sun to penetrate. Our ClimaGuard 55/27 Low-E glass and can prevent up to 73% of the heat that can enter your home, and is available in a wide selection of replacement window styles.

Old and inefficient doors can also be to blame when it comes to increasing energy costs in the home. This is why American Openings offers the highest quality available door replacement in Southern Arizona

With a smart home improvement investment in window replacements from American Openings, that electric or gas bill should become a little less frightening. So schedule your appointment with American Openings today, and be prepared to blow out the candles.

2 responses to “The High Cost of Old Windows”

  1. Cathy Burgess says:

    This article is indeed so great! I think this is a must-read blog post. Replacement windows are indeed so great and beneficial especially when it comes to energy conservation, but I think, every home owner must know these necessary pieces information in order to find the most perfect replacement windows ever that suit one’s needs. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. Raven@amext says:

    This is so true! Before upgrading the windows in my home our energy bill in the winter was outrageous. I can imagine the summer is the most expensive time of year for homeowners in AZ and upgrading those old windows will save you a lot of money! Great short blurb about the benefits of upgrading!

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