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Saving on Home Energy Costs with Double Pane Windows

If your current windows and doors have single pane glass, they might be decreasing your home’s energy efficiency. Upgrading with replacement windows and doors gives you the opportunity to choose products that optimize efficiency and decrease your energy costs. Keep reading to find out how double pane windows help you lower your energy usage and spending.

Different Glass Coating for Different Climates

Every climate is different and requires a different kind of glass to create the best energy efficiency. Double pane windows have different coating options that work well in different climates, and offer better insulating properties. A window’s ability to insulate is measured by a metric called the “U-Factor,” and the better a window insulates, the lower that number will be. Before you buy new windows and doors, learn more about your climate so you can find glass that keeps you the most comfortable in your home. A cold climate will want to let more solar radiation and light in the home, while a hot climate like Tucson’s will be looking to reduce the heating effects of the sun. The amount of solar radiation and light a window allows into a home can be measured by the window’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) rating and Visable Transmittance (VT) rating, respectively. For more information on the U-Factor, SHGC rating, and VT rating, as well as how our products measure up, please check out our energy efficiency page.

Better Insulation

One of the best features of double pane windows is the extra insulation provided by the air gap between the two window panes which may be further improved with an inert gas layer, such as argon. This argon layer improves the overall insulating properties of the window and is characterized by a lower U-Factor. This means that the windows keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter because heat transfer through the window glass is minimized. Windows with higher insulation properties reduce the strain on your air conditioner and heater, which lowers your energy costs.

Less Solar Heat Transfer

Double pane windows are often enhanced even more with the use of low-E glass for the outer pane. Instead of allowing heat and light from the sun to make its way into the home, this glass actually reflects it, which keeps your interior nice and cool during the hot summer months.

If you are ready to improve energy efficiency with double pane windows, American Openings, Inc. can help. We manufacture and install quality replacement windows and doors that improve your home’s energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and sound control. To learn more about our products, contact us online or call (520) 664-1202.

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