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Older Windows and Arizona’s Summer Heat

If you’ve lived in the Tucson area for a few years, you know pretty well that summers around here can be rough! And if you are new to the area, you’ll learn quickly! With triple-digit temperatures averaging almost  60 days in Tucson, outdoor activities can be unpleasant this time of the year. Unfortunately, for some homeowners, spending times indoors can be just as uncomfortable! Old, drafty windows and doors might be more obvious in the cold winter months but they are just as ineffective during the hot summer months and can make your home as unpleasant.

As the temperatures continue to rise, the structural integrity of older windows begins to weaken, as will their performance over time. With the extreme heat, expansion will begin to occur between the glass and the frame of the window creating air leaks, broken windows seal, condensation and more. This of course results in an uncomfortable home environment, lowered energy efficient and higher utility bills.

DSCN499015-year-old windows were simply not made with the same technology that is available to us today; they weren’t built to withstand our Arizona climate. At American Openings, our energy-efficient replacment windows are manufactured using the highest quality materials available to produce the best performing Low-E replacement windows on the market. And our HOP window installation technique allows us to easily replace old, inefficient windows with little to no damage to your Tucson-area home’s interior, or exterior!

We have the local expertise to offer the right window solutions for our hot desert climate. Please give us a call to schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, and learn how energy efficient replacement windows can improve your home.

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  1. Vivian Waters says:

    I really find this article very interesting. Replacement windows are indeed so great and beneficial especially when it comes to energy conservation, but I think, every home owner must know these necessary pieces information in order to find the most perfect replacement windows ever that suit one’s needs. Anyway, I also find American Openings so impressive when it comes to replacement windows. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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