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New Home Windows: Sun Exposure

It’s no secret that the Arizona desert heat is one of our biggest natural contenders year round. It comes early and it stays too long, and with it comes all the potential dangers of ultraviolet light exposure.

In the window replacement industry here in the Sonoran Desert, we’ve found that due to our environmental conditions, one of homeowners greater concerns is how their new replacement windows will deal with both the sun’s heat and its harmful UV rays.

Well we already know for sure that American Openings manufactures only the most energy efficient windows for the Tucson  environment, but what a lot of people don’t realize is that within our window design we’ve also factored the danger of UV light as well.

Your home window replacements’ Low-E coatings not only help to provide and compliment the overall insulation features of the window, but they are also specifically designed to block out and reduce transmission of UV light.


It could seem as if low emittance glazes we’re much like a window tint; however, they differ in that they are also intentionally designed to minimize the sacrifice of visible light while still combating longer, infrared light waves.

UV rays can be damaging to not only people but also many organic home materials like fabrics, paint, artwork, carpets, wood, etc. By investing in energy-efficient, Low-E coated window replacements you are not only saving the most energy possible, but also preventing the degradation and wear of many objects within your home from consistent UV exposure.

Our energy efficient, low emittance window coatings are just another reason to consider investing in American Openings for your home window replacements! Contact Us today, and see how a local manufacturer can give you all the features you need for the Arizona desert, and none that you don’t!

For more information: Energy-Efficiency and NFRC Ratings of American Openings windows



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