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New-Construction Windows by American Openings

At American Openings of Tucson and Phoenix, AZ we specialize in custom-manufactured home replacement windows.

Custom-manufcatured windows differ from replacement inserts in that they include a brand new energy efficient frame along with all the other efficient materials you would normally get with a replacement insert. Essentially, a custom-manufactured window is a full window replacement manufactured and built as one custom window – glass, frame and all.

Why American Openings?

Typically, new-construction windows can cost up to 100% more than a simple replacement insert, but  there are major benefits to choosing a full window replacement over a more economical insert.

Just to reiterate, this is because old frames simply won’t ever be as highly efficient as what you would get with a full replacement. The major part of the noise reduction and overall energy efficiency you receive with a new-construction window has much to do with the frame it’s placed in.

We won’t repeat ourselves too much here though; the main thing we want to discuss is why new-construction windows from American Openings are a far better idea than from most other companies.

This is because at American Openings we manufacture your newly constructed windows in our local facility in Tucson, AZ. The benefit you get from this is that there is no middleman involved in the distribution. We can construct your new home windows to perfectly fit into place.

Generally, new-construction windows cost more than replacement inserts because they must installed and because the contractor you got them through has to order them custom from their manufacturer. At American Openings, we are the manufacturer – and we pride ourselves on quality, no repair needed, window installation.

Instead of paying up to 100% more for newly constructed windows over replacement inserts, you only pay a fraction more and still get all the benefits of a completely efficient, Energy Star® qualified window and frame.


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