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My American Openings Customer Experience

My home is 27 years old. After purchasing it earlier this year, I realized the original windows were not getting the job done. Although double-paned, they certainly weren’t modern Low-E windows like those we build here at American Openings. So I decided to check out the American Openings Customer Experience for myself and got an estimate to replace 8 windows and 4 patio doors with new aluminum-frame replacement windows.

photo of Tucson home with new aluminum replacement windows
My home with new windows from American Openings

Because my house is frame-and-stucco construction, we were able to take advantage of the American Openings HOP window. The installation team would not have to remove my existing window frames. Instead, they would just remove the old windows and “hop” the new frame and window assembly over the existing frames. This saved me a bundle in installation costs as the new windows installed very quickly and no damage was done to my drywall, stucco or paint.

My patio doors were another story. Replacement doors cannot be “hopped” in. The old frames must be removed and this means that a 6-inch border of existing stucco has to be cut away, the new frames installed, and the stucco replaced and repainted.  No getting around it. The good news is that the stucco guy did an absolutely beautiful job. You really cannot tell that the stucco has been replaced and repainted. And of course, my new patio doors and screens look great and slide and lock beautifully.

So how do I like my new windows? Well the first thing I noticed was a dramatic reduction in glare from the outside sun. My kitchen faces south and east so it gets some serious morning sun. My new windows in the kitchen were hung by the install team by around 10:30 in the morning and all I can say is, what a difference! The ambiance of the room is much less bright and very comfortable. I can actually open my blinds and enjoy the view for longer periods of the day now that my new Low-E tinted windows significantly cut down on the uncomfortable glare.

Aluminum Hop window next to aluminum patio doors
“Hop” window at left (note thelarger surrounding frame area) and new door with invisiable stucco repair at right.

A big surprise was the amount of noise reduction. I live about 100 yards off of a major street. I have gotten used to the sound of traffic passing by. Now that my windows are up: silence. No kidding. It was truly dramatic. The house is much more quiet and relaxing now that the road noise has been completely eliminated.

This particular project took two working days. Each day the crew was on-time and ready-to-go when they promised. They took really good care in laying down tarps, masking areas, removing window coverings and cleaning “as-they-go.” When they were done, everything was clean, back-in-place and fully operational. There was nothing for me to do but enjoy the view.

And yes, I’m a real person. My name is Tony Spear and I’m the marketing manager here at American Openings. If you have further questions about my experience, please feel free to email me at or call me here at 520-664-1202. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about my experience with my new American Openings windows and doors.



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