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Getting Your Window Replacement Quotes

If you are looking to get window replacement quotes for your Tucson-area home, then chances are that you’re looking to invest specifically in energy efficient windows.

There are so many questions that can arise though in the process of choosing the best and most energy efficient windows for your home, and at the best price too, so that’s why we’re here to give you a few tips on what to be conscious of while searching around for window companies.


Basic Tips on Looking for Window Replacements

– Get Enough Information

Always be sure to collect as much information on the windows you’re thinking about purchasing. That includes: Energy Star qualifications, NFRC ratings, types of frames being offered (styles and materials), window pricing, installation pricing – whatever the case may be you need to keep note of all these things so you can see where one manufacturer differs from another.


– Share Your Information

If you have friends who had their home windows replaced recently, then inquire with them about their personal experience with the whole process and the results. Show them the information you’ve gathered.

Also, share that information with the other companies giving you quotes and inquire as to why they’ve chosen to include/exclude certain features.


– Have a Budget in Mind, Not A Number of Windows

This may sound a little strange, but the idea behind it is that you don’t want to waste your money on average windows. A quality energy efficient window replacement should last a lifetime essentially.

If you get a few in-home estimates and it seems you don’t have the right budget to cover all the windows that needed replacing then don’t skimp on quality. Either replace a few for the moment, or wait to get the entire job done at once with windows that will pay for themselves later.

We know it’s difficult to just completely ignore price, so we suggest finding the right balance between quality and affordability like with most home investments. At American Openings our local operations allow us to consistently offer top-notch quality at much lower prices than competitors.


– There is Such a Thing as Too Much Quality

We mentioned quality as being crucial to your choice in window replacements and in comparing your different quotes because it truly does make a world of difference. However, there is such a thing as overqualified when it comes to home windows.

This is especially true in the hot Arizona desert where mostly we worry about the scorching summers. Many window manufacturers distribute or catalog all of their available windows to their partners regardless of location, and because of this often times home owners can find themselves looking at windows that aren’t necessarily the best suited for the environment they live in.

Be wary of this! You can easily avoid such a problem by going with a local window manufacturer like American Openings!


– Organize

If you’re doing your homework right it would be wise of you to organize it all as well. Keep your quotes, brochures, pamphlets, window ratings, etc. from each window company in separate folders for easy comparison later.


These are just a few tips to help you keep on track while getting your window replacement quotes. You can also see an older blog post we did about some red flags to look out for when getting your quotes.In any event, you should always be looking for what works best for you and your home.

American Openings provides free in-home estimates, so if you haven’t gotten one yet be sure to make your appointment today. It only takes a brief time and you’ll have an expert opinion on the best solution for your home’s windows. We can also help to evaluate other quotes you’ve received, clear up confusion over ratings and terminology, and provide assistance with any other questions that you may have!

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