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Fall Maintenance Tips Inside Your Home

With the cool months of fall approaching just around the corner, many home owners are wise in taking steps to prepare their homes for the frigid months of late autumn and winter. If you are a homeowner, one of the greatest concerns regarding the upcoming months likely has to do with energy costs. As the temperatures grow colder, energy bills can spike as a result of more use of the home’s furnace. Fortunately, there are some steps that all homeowners can take to ensure maximum energy efficiency this fall, winter, and beyond.


Consider Replacing Doors and Windows

On a cool night, take a moment to stand by a few different doors and windows within your home. Do they feel drafty? If so, then it may be time to replace them. If you know your home has older windows and/or doors, then it might be worth it to look into the cost of replacing them with energy efficient ones. Otherwise, you could essentially be sending your hard-earned money right out the window as a result of the drafty windows and doors you have now. Today’s windows and doors are made more energy efficient than ever; some are even filled with argon glass for additional insulation.


If price is a concern, keep in mind that many companies run special deals and discounts during the later months of fall. Furthermore, consider the fact that your investment in new windows and doors can pay off over time in lower energy bills.


Sealing Windows and Doors

If replacing your home’s windows and doors in their entirety is not an option as of yet, then you can always take the time to ensure that they are properly sealed. This is a much less expensive process that can still result in significant energy savings for you by better insulating your home. Consider buying some caulk to seal any gaps that may be causing drafts around your windows. Furthermore, you can purchase weather stripping to glue around your doors as a way of cutting back on draftiness. This process takes just a few minutes for each window and door but can make all the difference in the long run.


As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can prepare your home for the cooler months of the year. Be sure to give one of these a try to better insulate your home and reduce energy costs.   Contact us now for a more information.

One response to “Fall Maintenance Tips Inside Your Home”

  1. Peter Feinmann says:

    Energy costs continue to skyrocket so homeowners need to do all that they can to curb their consumption. Buying energy efficient windows is a worthwhile investment. Throughout the lifetime of the window it will help to bring down your energy costs. If you are already considering a remodel, consider taking steps to make the home more energy efficient too.

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