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replacement window being prepped with interior caulkingSturdy, reliable windows are an important part of every home. Nice windows don’t just add to your home’s exterior aesthetic, they also bring natural light into your home and provide a glimpse of the outdoors. However, even the nicest windows aren’t very effective if installed improperly. To extend your window’s lifespan, increase your home’s energy efficiency, and eliminate the risk of damage to your home or to yourself, let the replacement window experts at American Openings provide professional window installation. We’ve been proud to provide Tucson residents with replacement windows since 1992.

Hop Window Installation

At American Openings, we’re dedicated to doing things as quickly and efficiently as possible. To ensure fast, high-quality window installation, we’ve developed the “hop” method. Our window frames are specially designed to hop over certain existing window frames. First, we come to your home and take precise measurements of your windows. Then, we’ll take those measurements back to our Tucson facility and build a set of custom replacement windows. Finally, our installation professionals will deliver the new windows and “hop” them  into place. This installation method is popular among our Tucson clients because it involves very little cleanup and no damage to paint, stucco, or drywall.

Standard Window Installation

If your existing window frames aren’t suitable for hop window installation, we’ll gladly install your windows the traditional way. We find that walls made of brick or stone benefit from standard installation rather than hop installation. Our replacement professionals will take careful measurements of your existing windows and install our standard-frame windows. We promise to treat your home with the utmost respect during the installation process and clean up any mess after we’re finished. All of our replacement windows, whether they have hop or traditional frames, are highly energy-efficient and are warrantied for as long as you own your home.

Benefit of “In-House” Installers

All of our replacement windows are installed by expert teams of American Openings employees, never third-party companies or contractors. This gives us very tight control over the installation process so you can be assured that your new windows have been installed properly and according to specs. You will never have to worry about finger-pointing contests between the manufacturer and the installation company because, when you buy from American Openings, we build, install and guarantee the entire job. Period.

If you have any questions about our replacement windows or installation methods, feel free to call our Tucson office at (520) 664-1202. We pride ourselves on the low-key, low-pressure approach we take during our free consultations, so you never need to worry about an uncomfortable high-pressure sales situation when you call American Openings.

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