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Enjoy your Sliding Patio Doors, without Losing Your Cool…!

view of pool and backyard desert scene through patio doorPreventing sliding patio doors from becoming home energy zappers

Here in Tucson, we love our outdoor living. We love planting gardens, enjoying barbeques and meals on the patio, maybe even hosting a backyard pool party. Most Tucson homes have sliding patio doors that help show off our backyard, pool, desert landscape, city lights or mountain view. But these sliding patio doors have large viewing windows which, if more than 15 years old, are real energy-zappers that can drive up your air conditioning bills. The large glass areas allow lots of radiant and convective heat energy into your home. Your air conditioner or heat pump will need to work overtime to keep you comfortable. Since the average homeowner pays 40% of their energy costs on home heating and cooling, older patio doors can be a big drain on the household budget.

What to do:

Some people choose to cover their patio doors with heavy curtains or shades. This does help keep the room cool, but defeats the main purpose of the patio door which is to create an attractive outside view. When the curtains are closed, there is no view. When the curtains or open, the energy bills go up.

Tinted window film can also be an option, but finding the correct trade-off between the darkness of the tint vs. a non-distorted view may be tricky. DIY installation without wrinkles or bubbles can be difficult. Some films can only be professionally installed. Window tinting will, in some cases, void the warranty of the existing windows so it is important to be aware of the warranty of both the new film and the existing windows. It should be noted that window film only affects the radiant solar heat gain of the window, it does very little to reduce any convection effects.

Perhaps the best long-term solution would be to replace outdated sliding patio doors with a modern, energy-efficient patio door such as those manufactured here in Tucson by American Openings. These patio doors are designed especially to combat both radiant and convective summer heat gain with features such as:

  • •A specially-tinted, low-E, outer pane selected for our desert conditions and the optimum trade-off between tint and view.
  • •Modern, energy-efficient, thermal window frames
  • •Double-pane construction with an inert, argon-gas insulation layer
  • •An Envirosealed WindowTM spacer between the panes to reduce thermal conductivity
  • •A 100% satisfaction guarantee against defects in function or workmanship for as long as you own your home.


Next steps

Please call American Openings at 520-664-1202 to schedule a free, no-pressure, in-home estimate with one of our expert consultants. We can have you and your home ready to enjoy our world-class views in time for summer … without losing your cool.

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