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Does American Openings do Window Repairs?

Sometimes people contact us here at American Openings to ask if we can repair their broken windows or window panes. The less-than-simple answer to that simple question is: “It depends.”

photo of a window with cracked glass

Whether we can repair a broken window depends on if we built it and the date is was installed. Here are some examples:

  1.  • The window is an American Openings Window purchased after January 1, 2009.All of our Energy StarTM windows built after that date are covered under the American Openings Warranty. If the integrity or workmanship of this product fails, we will repair or replace the product at no cost for as long as you own your home. Please note that we cannot warranty a failure due to vandalism, applied tint, broken glass, exterior color finish or product misuse.
  2. • The window is an American Openings Window purchased before January 1, 2009.Unfortunately, this older window is no longer covered under the original, 2-year warranty for that model. However, our team remains committed to your satisfaction with our products and service. A member of our customer support team will be happy to work with you to determine your best options and advise you regarding any charges that may apply.
  3. • The window is not an American Openings window.American Openings is in the business of home replacement window manufacture and installation. We manufacture, install and warranty custom-made, energy-efficient windows for the harsh conditions of Southern Arizona. However, we are not a window-repair company and are not therefore not equipped to fix windows built or installed by other companies. We recommend that you contact the company who did the installation or a third-party glass or window repair company who are specialists in this type of repair.

If you have further questions about window replacement or repair, please call us at (520) 664-1202 or contact us online.

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