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Benefits of Efficient Windows

New windows can make a dramatic visual impact on the exterior of your home and can enhance the style, comfort and energy efficiency of your interior environment as well. Whether you want to showcase a picturesque view, let in more light or simply make your home feel more comfortable, today’s energy-efficient windows get the job done.

Lower Your Heating and Cooling Bills

Thanks to advanced technologies, modern windows are far more effective at blocking out inclement weather than their outdated counterparts. Double- or triple-glazed windows help control heat gain and loss by trapping air between panes of glass as a layer of insulation. Some energy-efficient models use an inert gas like argon or krypton instead of air in the sealed space between the glass panes. Denser than air, they provide an even better level of insulation. Replacing drafty windows with new high efficiency models can lower your heating and cooling costs by as much as 25 percent.
Elevate Your Home’s Decorative Appeal

No architectural element in your home attracts the eye like new windows. Light is a natural focal point that’s made all the more appealing when the light when framed in an energy-efficient window. New windows offer you opportunities to elevate the style of your home, inside and out. Outdoors, windows define the character of your home. Whether it’s a row of casement windows enhanced with quarter-circle fixed panes on top or a large rectangular-shaped picture window, the size and design of the windows that you choose for your home strongly influence its overall architectural style.

Indoors, energy-efficient windows present exciting opportunities to update your home’s living spaces. A large pane of glass encased in a sleekly designed frame is ideal when you want to show off a spectacular view like a piece of art. To create the perfect background for an attention-grabbing vignette, drape a new window with a distinctive window dressing. Whether you want to flood your interiors with natural light or add a window seat that you know will provide comfortable seating even when the weather turns foul, new windows provide an array of interior design solutions.

New energy-efficient windows offer both functional and decorative benefits. They lower your energy bills by tightening up the seal on your home’s building envelope and protect your home from incurring damage during stormy weather. From eye-catching windows designed to elevate your home’s curve-side appeal to models designed to take advantage of passive solar heating, new windows can make your home a more comfortable, energy-efficient and stylish place.


One response to “Benefits of Efficient Windows”

  1. Raven@amext says:

    There are definitely many benefits that come along with energy efficient windows. Obviously most homeowners are most happy with the reduction in their gas and electric bills but I think the noise reduction is definitely one of my favorite benefits. Improving the value and curb appeal of your home are also very beneficial especially when looking to sell your home!

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